About Littlefield’s Wood Products

Chris Littlefield started the company that is today called Littlefield’s Wood Products in May 2001 with the purchase of some woodworking equipment and a dream to be self-employed. Chris has worked in manufacturing for over 14 years using a variety of lumber.

Today, Littlefield’s Wood Products services accounts throughout the United States selling smooth sawn gang ripped wood parts. We have three primary products that we make: field stakes, paint paddles, and slats. The field stakes are used for plant labeling, marking rows, and signs. The paint paddles get sold to distributors, brokers, and commercial accounts. The slats manufactured end up as blocks, feather strips, squares, and even wooden rings.

All production takes place at our Hartland, Maine facility which is an old barn that has been redone to meet our operational needs. There are three species of wood that are most popular in our shop and these include: ash, basswood, and pine. We are open to your suggestions on other species of wood if you have a particular product that you want customized.